A Community Music Program

in a Christ-Focused


  • Affordable
  • Convenient, after school hours
  • Professional instruction for all skill levels
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4:30-5:45     Band 2/3, Jazz, Orchestra 1, Orchestra 2, Upper Chorus

6:00-7:15     Band 1, Band 4, Orchestra 3, Orchestra 4, Lower Chorus



7:30-9:00 Thursdays

4:30-8:30 Fridays

Do your kids . . .

Have too much screen time?

Get bored easily?

Lack positive interests?

A quality music education will:

Marching Eagles perform for the National Homeschool Football League Championship Game!

Encourage Creative Expression



and Friendships


the Imagination

Why North Metro Music Education?

Lower Cost

  • The cost of local high school marching bands range from $600 to $2,000 per student for a year.

  • The Marching Eagles' band fees are as little as $200 per student for a year!

  • Private music lessons will cost between $50 and $100 a week.

  • Tuition for a concert class with North Metro Music Education averages about $8.50 per week.


More Family Time

  • Public School band programs require several hours of in-school and after-school rehearsal each week.

  • North Metro Concert Students have class one day a week.

  • Marching Eagles Students meet for practice twice a week.

  • Flexible scheduling of practice times at home throughout the week allows more time for family activities.


Perfect Class Size

  • Smaller classes mean more individual attention as students are learning their instruments and how to read music.

  • Beginner classes (level 1) only have about 10 students.

  • As the skill level increases, the class size also increases, so that more experienced and accomplished students (level 4) have the advantage of playing in larger, more diverse groups.


Perfect Marching Size

  • With hundreds of students in a typical marching band, many band members don't know each other. It can be hard to build friendships and make connections.

  • The Marching Eagles is a perfect size to be personal, but still big enough to have fun activities!

    • 8-10 football games​

    • 2 competitions

    • 2 parades

    • 1 trip to Panama City Beach, FL


What are the cost options?

Level 1


music class

Just Marching Band

Level 2-4 Class


Marching Band


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A. Welden

"I have three girls in the NMME orchestra program this year and we love it! My oldest has been on her instrument almost 6 years, and she says orchestra is her favorite thing about playing. We never experienced the typical “burnout” and desire to quit when the fun period of a new instrument wears off and things get a bit difficult. I truly believe this is due to the fun, community aspects of orchestra. A friend once told me, regarding being part of an orchestra, “It’s amazing to be a small part of something so beautiful.”


G. Martel

"What a wonderful group of folks. More a family of musicians than any kind of organization. My grand daughters can't wait for every practice and opportunity to get with their friends and play their instruments."

IMG_7364 2.jpg

L. Kehler

"We joined NMME 2 years ago after moving to the area. This program has been a wonderful addition to my childrens' musical experience and education. The directors are fantastic, have a tremendous passion for music, and truly care about the students. We started with one child in the program and promptly added another. We are so glad we discovered NMME and highly recommend it to elementary through high school students who are interested in orchestra, band, chorus, or marching band."