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Orchestra 4


$380/first class by March 31


26 Weeks and 2 Concerts

About the Course

Orchestra 4 Audition Requirements

Orchestra 4 is geared toward performance, with minimal instruction being given in technical skills and more emphasis on playing as an ensemble. Students will audition for entry as well as for their chair placement. Auditioning students should be proficient in the skills taught in Orchestra 3, such as playing in, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th positions, using vibrato, and playing musically. These skills will be necessary to adequately play the music at this level. Students will be taught more advanced musical terms and music theory as they apply to the orchestra’s repertoire.


● Scales: Violins-G and D Major and a Melodic minor, each 3 octaves. Viola and Cello- G and D Major and C Melodic minor, each 3 octaves. Double Bass- A and F Major, E Melodic minor (2 octaves for each)

●  Sightreading piece

●  1 minute prepared piece of your choice

●  Prepared excerpt: Print and be prepared to play the pieces for your instrument attached below.

Download PNG • 1.49MB

Download PDF • 359KB

Download PDF • 292KB

Richard Shackelford

Mr. Shackelford earned a Bachelor of Music and Education and a Master of Music Education from Montana State University. He served as the strings instructor for 13 schools of Helena, MT, and as Director and Conductor of the Helena Symphony Society. He founded a worship orchestra and the school of theology choir in Anaheim, CA. He directed the Orchestra at Mount Paran Church and was Minister of Instrumental Music and Orchestra Director of First Baptist Atlanta.

Your Instructor

Richard Shackelford

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