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Orchestra 1


$380/first class by March 31


26 Weeks and 2 Concerts

About the Course

Orchestra 1 Requires No Audition for Admission

Orchestra 1 is designed for beginning students and is intended to be a 1 year class. Students will be taught foundational playing skills, ensemble musicianship and music literacy utilizing a first-year method book and some rote learning. Instruction will include: care & maintenance; parts of instrument; proper posture, instrument position and bow hold; note names and values; basic rhythms; and music vocabulary. Students will learn three finger patterns across the four strings in first position for scales in D Major, G Major and C Major. Students are expected to practice throughout the week in order to make progress in the class. Students may not remain in a level one class for a second year, unless approved by the director.

Parents of younger students are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly classes with their child in order to help him/her at home.

Alexis Pritchett

Alexis is the wife to Wiley, and mother of 2 wonderful children. She has been involved in various music programs from a very young age, and began playing violin at age 6. Around age 18 she began teaching private violin lessons. She continues to have several students, and is very excited about the opportunity of also teaching in a class setting. Alexis loves gardening, crafting, and making her kiddos giggle.

Your Instructor

Alexis Pritchett

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