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Intro to Band


$380/first class by March 31


26 Weeks and 2 Concerts

About the Course

Intro to Band class is open to students ages 8 and 9. The class size is limited. It will be held Thursday evenings from 4:30 to 5:45. No prior musical knowledge is needed. Students will be introduced to music fundamentals including rhythm, note reading in treble and bass clefs, dynamics, and 10 basic tempo markings. They will be exposed to band instruments and be given the opportunity to try-out mouthpieces of various band instruments, in order to prepare them for choosing an instrument to study in Band 1. Students will learn about famous band music and key composers. They will be taught to play the recorder and beginning percussion instruments. Students will be expected to complete theory assignments in class or as homework and to practice their recorder at home. Passing a proficiency test at the end of the year will allow younger students who are sufficiently mature to be granted early entrance to band 1.

Heather Scarborough

Your Instructor

Heather Scarborough

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