The Best of Times...

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Celebrating unlikely abundance in lean times.

This year has been the most challenging that many of us have seen in our lifetimes. We all have missed activities and events that were important to us. Many of us have missed precious time with loved ones. Tensions have been high and tempers quick at times.

This year at North Metro Music Education, we have seen canceled classes, concert opportunities moved to online productions, added guidelines and regulations (and trying to enforce those with teens 😬), and the cancelation of some really fun events. Definitely a challenging year.

But, we also got a front row seat to see perseverance, love and kindness exhibited in new ways. I don't think the events of 2020 created those characteristics in people, but the difficulties gave people an opportunity to shine. After all, when do you see the stars the best? When does a candle shine the brightest? When it is darkest. Let's celebrate some examples:

The Marching Eagles had the BEST group of dads (and one granddad) this year. I mean, they built a time machine! They also put shelving, a color guard box, and fixtures in our new marching band trailer. They lined the practice field. One filled in for the Jazz Band when a drummer was required. Another made sure our facilities were prepared and cleaned up for classes each week. They kept the wheels rolling this year, contributing their wisdom, encouragement, and muscle.

We DID get to have a fall concert, and the venue was absolutely PERFECT! The kids enjoyed playing for parents, and the parents enjoyed seeing what everyone had been working on. Christ Church Presbyterian offered plenty of space and a good traffic flow to enable everyone to enjoy the performance and still keep their distance. And, the students did so well!

Our Marching Eagles this year were able to participate in 7 football games, 1 awesomely amazing senior night celebration, 1 festival, 1 Christmas parade, and the NMME fall concert. Everyone worked so hard, and it all came together in one amazing show: Through Time and Space.

These are the things I will remember about 2020. These are the things we will choose to celebrate. These are the things we will be thankful for as this year comes to a close with North Metro Music Education.