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Kicking off a New Music Program

Several came out to find out about NMME

After the announcement last Saturday of a new music school offering marching band, orchestra, and concert band classes, North Metro Music Education held a reception last night at GraceLife Church in Marietta. This is to be the location of the new music school beginning fall of 2019. Several people came to find out about the school. After opening in prayer, the board members recounted the history of the non-profit, the journey that brought them to the point of creating a music program, and the details of what will be offered, when, and the cost. Attendees were able to meet and hear from the new concert band director, Vaughn Irby, the orchestra director, Richard Shackleford, and the marching band director, Amy Gravitte. During the time of fellowship that followed, families were able to talk to the directors and board members.

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