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Happy to be Back In Person!

September of 2019 opened our first year of classes at North Metro Music Education. We started the year with a solid team of Directors, Volunteers, and Board Members. Like the rest of the country, we were unprepared for the challenges brought by the spring of 2020. We attempted to modify our in-person classes until schools all over the state went digital. Then, we made the decision to stop in-person classes. Though it was difficult, our directors did an excellent job as they adapted and continued to meet with and encourage their students virtually. Because we were unable to give the students a live performance opportunity at the end of the spring semester, we encouraged them to work on a collaborative video. They practiced, perfected, and then recorded their individual parts. We took those recordings and created the video below.

On September 3, 2020, we were pleased to begin in person classes again. There has been a renewed interest--particularly in our stringed orchestra classes. We've had to open a second class for beginners, and relocate our Orchestra 4 to a larger room. Chorus is meeting in the atrium to allow for more space, and it has also reached capacity. Our concert band classes are going well. Families have adjusted graciously to safety precautions we have added to prevent the spread of germs. It is so good to hear music in the halls once again! We look forward to all that we will learn and accomplish together this year.

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