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Growing Leaders

This past weekend, 31 students gathered to learn what it takes to be a good leader in life as well as in marching band. Guest speaker, Jack Henry encouraged the students with wit and humor. He reminded them that great leaders are good followers, that words are powerful and should be used wisely, and that leaders are readers—especially of the Bible. The attendees enjoyed pizza and tacos, played games, and discussed what good leadership within a marching band looks like.

The Marching Eagles Director, Amy Gravitte said, “The turnout for the very first Marching Eagles leadership retreat was a tremendous success! The announcement of being invited to and approved to play at the NHFA football bowl games in Panama City, FL this year was thrilling! What a blessing to see the students’ enthusiasm and motivation to work hard to have a great marching season!“

This week, the Marching Eagles are gearing up for Spring Marching. If you or someone you know would be interested in participating, we would love to talk to you. Email questions to

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