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A Marching Band is Made

Are musicians born, or are they created? Most kids hear music in everything and make music with anything from the time they are able to blow bubbles in their cribs and bang the trays of their high chairs. Most toddlers love to stomp, clap, and sing the same repetitive song a thousand times. But a love for music has to be nurtured and developed. Musical excellence is hard work, but it is more rewarding when it is shared in community. My girls loved music, but hated the monotony of practice. Finding a marching band provided the motivation that they needed to stick with the work, even when it was hard. The life and leadership skills they learned while working with a group of peers to produce a field show will remain with them throughout their lives.

So, it began last Friday at 4:30, the NEW season of the NEW Marching Eagles of the NEW North Metro Music Academy. Ironically, the first song they practiced, under drizzling rain, was "Walking on Sunshine." But, no one seemed to mind the rain. Assistant Director, Tori McCord said, "Friday was so awesome! While it rained for 45 minutes, we still had 31 students lined up under the pavilion learning fundamentals and new music. It was so great! What a blessing it is to be able to work with this group!"

The Marching Eagles will be practicing each Friday through March and part of April, and they will perform in the Big Shanty Parade in Kennesaw on April 13. Participants pay just $15 for a t-shirt, instruction, and parade participation. It's a great opportunity to sample marching band, since there is no commitment to the entire season required. The students get to